eating Fat to eat the Fat

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I am not a fitness guru, nor am I a nutritionist. I am simply a 45 year old woman who decided one day that it was time to get my $#!1 in gear. If I do not start paying attention to my health and well being now and I keep going the way I am going, I will be dead in a decade.

There are plenty of resources out there related to the ketogenic diet, Low carb diets and the like. I don’t expect to take the place of any of them, except for this:

Here is how I began. Two months ago from today (today is 1/27/18) I was close to 200lbs, I am 5’2. I suffered from general apathy, malaise, and overall aches and exhaustion. I work from home and obviously get very little exercise. I have been diagnosed with Chronic Primary Insomnia, Fibromyalgia, Anxiety, and heard a whole lot of “We don’t know why you feel this way” but my weight was never outwardly addressed nor were my fitness habits (or lack thereof). In all fairness, last time I went to the doctor I was only about 178 lbs, but this is still considered obese by any standard. I was also born with bi-lateral metatarsus adductus (A fancy way of saying both of my feet were clubfoot.) Which leaves my feet often sore and tired.

Varying circumstances took place and I suddenly had a reality check. On November 27, 2017 I made a decision to take baby steps in what would be the beginning of what gave me enough motivation to start this website. That, in itself is miraculous. Before now, I had been the queen of Apathy. Just ask any of my friends…

I suppose what I am getting at is this. When I started, I was overwhelmed and intimidated by all of the super energetic perfect bodied fitness vloggers and websites. I truly found solace in a Facebook group for women following a more or less lazy keto way of life. I realized I needed perspective from people more like me. Starting WELL behind the curve. Uncertain. Lacking Confidence. Lacking drive. Grasping for hope.

Well, I can tell you, if I can do this; as long as there are no extenuating health issues that would preclude you from this type of diet, So can you.

If you really want to.

What has Keto done for me? I have lost over 40lbs. I have had no inflammation or pain from “fibromyalgia” nor any soreness or swelling in my feet. I have more energy than I can recall having in decades and I am relatively certain I am sleeping through the night. So yes, some pretty drastic changes.

Sure, its not for everyone, I have no doubt. Yes it takes a little bit of focus. But for me; an overworked, super-busy, exhausted, single mom its been exciting, fun and productive.

The blogs I write and recipes I post are a combination of scrubbing the internet for things I will actually cook, my son will actually eat and then tweaking it to our liking. I try to link to the actual products I use (Amazon pages, usually) when I can. I wont endorse a product I do not personally use.

And now this page,Eating Fat² (Pronounced “eating fat Squared”) is born.

The idea here is to throw together things that I am actually eating or using on my own “Ketogration,” (My migration to keto.)  Will it coincide with everyone else’s idea of a perfectly keto way of life? Probably not.  But it is working for me.

As things change, or as I make new discoveries in my journey, I will blog about them here. I will also post recipes and links to ingredients and other items on amazon to make them easier to find or read about.

Check out recipes and snack ideas under the “Things to Eat” link in the menu above. Feel free to send me recipe ideas to try out and post.

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