Wait, Fingernails?!


Its always fantastic when you notice additional benefits to a lifestyle change that you did not expect.

Never in my life have I had long nails, unless they were glued on at a local salon. I was always a nail biter growing up, and when I wasn’t anymore, my nails were still brittle and thin.

Well, when I started on my “Ketogration” I also added a Collagen Peptides Protein Powder supplement to my daily routine.

I simply add this to my coffee each morning and my hair and nails have never looked better! My nails are growing like crazy and are thick and strong! I am pretty sure my skin is softer too. Time will tell!

I am not sure if it is the Ketogenesis, the collagen or a mixture of both. I have taken collagen before and never noticed a difference. Now? I have to figure out how to file and paint these things! Its new to me!