62 Days and Counting


So, its been 62 days since I entered into Ketogenesis. I am still losing weight. I still feel full of energy; my mood is overall lifted and I have not dealt with any inflammation in my hands, knees or anywhere really. Whereas prior to going keto I felt like a big horrible unhealthy inflamed mess.

I am looking forward to posting more recipes, so if you have any suggestions on things I should try or just want to find a solution to a craving you are having, feel free to let me know through Lia at eatingfat dot net. (Yes if I type the actual address here, robot web scrapers will spam me to death.)

I have a few desserts I still need to share, as well as my morning coffee routine so stay tuned!

Something I have to constantly remind myself- If I feel hungry soon after a meal, I probably didn’t have enough fat. Cooking my proteins in a fat based oil, adding grass fed butter to everything and enjoying fattier cuts of meat (dark chicken, bacon, fattier steak cuts) really keeps me satiated between meals, and sometimes even longer.

If I am not hungry, I do not eat. Period.

Also- drink LOTS of water and be sure you don’t forget your electrolytes. More on this soon!
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