I settled on Keto


After doing a bit of hemming and hawing, I decided the best way for me to change my my life is to.. well.. change my life.

Many years ago, I was on the Atkins diet, so I knew if my primary goal was to lose weight that was one way to start, but I wanted more. My oldest son had recently started going Keto  for bodybuilding, and a dear friend had been posting new pictures of herself where she had CLEARLY lost a good amount of weight.  Of course I had to ask how, and you guessed it,  It was the Ketogenic Diet.

so I took the time to do a little research and decided this was the route I wanted to take.


Several reasons.


  • For years I felt random severe joint pain, pain deep in my bones and loose and weak joints and ligaments. Test after test came back inconclusive so my rheumatologist diagnosed me with fibromyalgia.
  • Additionally, It had been decades since I could actually sleep through the night. It has become routine that I wake generally about every hour.
  • Severe allergies caused almost daily use of medication
  • Chronic fatigue and headaches

After reading about the benefits of going on a Ketogenic diet, taking into account the focus on reducing the intake of foods that cause inflammation AND the weight loss, I decided this was the direction for me.

WebMd: What is the Ketogenic Diet

So, on November 27th, I committed myself to a Low Carb, Moderate Protein, HIGH fat way of eating.   (LCHF)