Portable Keto!? Travel Sized Options…

So, the plan is that I am supposed to travel next week for work. Just when I get my morning routine all figured out, it is all thrown into chaos. Can I take my supplements? Do I have the room in mt luggage? How can I make this convenient with as little impact on my diet and routine as possible?

I cannot stand hot coffee, but I do not foresee myself carting my Ninja blender in my carry-on. Perhaps I need to look into an iced coffee?

What about my MCT oil? This is the one I normally use:

I know liquids have to be in a much smaller container, so I COULD transfer some into a travel bottle, but what if it leaks? What if it looks suspicious? Do I WANT to have to worry about this? I certainly don’t want to stop taking it. MCT helps a great deal with my focus, I would hate to spend a week without it, and possibly without my morning Fat coffee too?? (Yep, my brain takes me through these OMGWHATIFTHESKYISFALLING internal conversations constantly!)

Right now, I add Heavy Whipping Cream to my coffee. Clearly I can’t carry a pint of that onto a plane. I wont have a car while travelling, so how to I resolve this one?

Can I bring stevia? Oh how I wish Swerve had individual packets I could travel with since I am relatively certain I can’t get my Jordan’s Skinny Syrup on a plane.

Time for me to do some research! Certainly I am not the only one to think about this stuff. I will keep you posted.

I will be updating this post as I find resolutions to my travel concerns.

I did order a portable MCT that I can use while travelling. YAY. It should arrive within the next 2 days. It has pretty decent reviews and it looks like something I can conveniently keep in my purse when adding oil to my coffee at home just isn’t possible for whatever reason. I think I would want this even if I am not travelling. Just for convenience! I picked up this little tin of Pulse capsules:

Looks like they have a lot of items I may want to review…

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