So What is this MCT oil, and Why am I putting it in my Coffee?


Don’t you hate it when someone calls you to ask you about something you know a good deal about, and for whatever reason you draw a complete blank? Yep. While I did a good deal of research into MCT oil and its benefits, back when I was researching a good carrier oil for CBD, when put on the spot about it I sounded like a bumbling dolt!

In an effort to try to avoid that from happening again, I thought I would make a solid attempt to “put some facts to paper” so to speak and have this page to go to if I need it.

Named after their chemical structure, MCT is an acronym for Medium-chain triglycerides. They are fats found in foods like coconut oil and palm oil (top sources), and much less so but still present in Milk (whole milk), butter, cheddar cheese. Most of the fat in our regular diets are made up of long-chain fatty acids and are metabolized through digestion. MCTs are processed in the liver and are easily absorbed into the body and among many other benefits, provide immediate and lasting energy through rapid formation of ketones. This helps enhance brain function and athletic performance.

IMPORTANT! Read Dr. Jockers on the 5 Reasons to use MCT Oil for Ketosis HERE

The main medium-chain fatty acids are C8: Caprylic acid or octanoic acid, C10: Capric acid or decanoic acid, and C12: Lauric acid or dodecanoic acid.
The jury is still out on which of the three is most beneficial, some argue that all three are, while others deny C12 as an effective MCT and some even focus solely on the benefits of C8. That said, here are just some the health benefits of each:

  • C12- Lauric Acid: Antimicrobial, fights viruses and bacterial infections. When digested, it forms monolaurin, a very valuable type of monoglyceride which has stronger antimicrobial and antibacterial properties. Immune enhancing. The number one antimicrobial bactericidal fatty acid. STUDY
    Helps fight antibiotic resistance if used as a natural treatment of fungal infections over antibiotics. STUDY
    Topically, it treats bacterial growth 15 times better than benzoyl peroxide. STUDY
  • C10 Capric Acid (decanoic acid) – forms the monoglyceride Monocaprin. Plays a key role in glucose and lipid metabolism and improve glucose sensitivity without weight gain. STUDY
    Can reduce seizure activity in those with many forms of epilepsy STUDY
    and has a general overall positive effect on many neurological disorders. (much too much to post here, check HTTP://NCBI.NLM.NIH.Gov)
  • C8 -Caprylic acid– is an antibacterial, antiviral, anti-fungal and anti-inflammatory. STUDY
    It is an immune-booster and when ingested can help prevent an imbalance of various gut bacteria which lowers inflammation, allergy risk and obesity as well as improved hormonal health and brain function.
    Topically it treats skin infections and acne STUDY
    And can help reduce intestinal inflammation in patients with Crohn’s disease STUDY
    Read Dr. Axe discuss MCT vs Coconut Oil Here: Overall, studies show mechanisms of action for the medium-chain triglyceride ketogenic diet in neurological and metabolic disorders STUDY

So the jury is still out on which MCT is best to take, but it looks like there may be benefits to all three.  Personally, until I do further research, I take Radha MCT Oil made only from Sustainable Coconuts – 32oz Non GMO. for its blend of C8, C10, and C12  in my coffee each morning and Pulse C8 MCT Oil Organic Softgels in the afternoon with my lunch, as it is C8 only which studies show is more effective at improving brain function.  Also I enjoy the convenience of the softgel form and it comes in a tin that I can conveniently fit in my purse.


SO thats my take so far on MCTs.  I hope this helps you understand some of the great benefits, but if not, I hope it at least drives you to learn more.



Nope, I am not a doctor. As stated, this is simply information I have collected from reliable sources on the internet and put all in one place for my convenience.  For medical advice, talk to your doctor. 

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