I considered carbs today, because I had an incessant headache I could not seem to kick. Fortunately for me I decided to look up today’s local pollen count. Its 9.9. Yeah. My body isn’t crying out for carbs or sugar, its crying out for Claritin-D

I am glad I didn’t go through with it. I could not imagine coming this far and messing it up. I wasn’t even craving any sugar or carbs, I just thought maybe it would make my headache stop. I suppose the fact that I could not decide what I would actually eat if I decided to carb up was a good thing.

Eventually, when I plateau I will probably carb cycle with some healthy carbs once in a great while. I have read that it can be healthy. But what I will not do is “cheat” to “treat” myself or anything of that nature. This isn’t a fad diet for me. Too many positive results have come about from this way of eating and I do not want to undo any of it.

My fibromyalgia has all but disappeared. I have had ZERO flareups. My anxiety? none. My skin looks amazing, my hair and nails are strong and healthy and I have more energy and I feel better than I ever have my entire life. I see zero benefit in “cheating” on that.

Tonight, I had Mexican for dinner. A great little place up the road called Romi’s tacos. My order? Taco Salad with no tortilla bowl, No beans, No rice. Add avocado.

It was delicious.