Where am I at Today?


Well, I have been eating HFLC (keto) for 60 days now. (Though the pic below is from 2 days ago.  My son’s room is the only one with a full length mirror)

I have not cheated on keto at all.  Now I cannot say that every single item I have eaten is keto friendly, it gets a little tricky there.  Some things that are low carb are not considered keto.   I generally try to pay attention to this, as my reason for changing the way I eat is more than just weight loss. But there may be things I did not realize are not.  Though I have not gone over my 20g of carbs nor have I come out of ketosis.

SO before I dig in too far, I figure I should post a 60 day update photo.  I know, its a terrible photo- but I am still a bit camera shy and posing for one of my sons to take a good shot will probably be more trouble than its worth.   I have added a couple of face shots  one from the past year and one more recent as the main picture here.

Following this post,  I will try to elaborate further on how I maintain my keto lifestyle from day to day.  It isn’t as overwhelming as it may seem to someone who wants to get started.

If someone like me can do it, anyone can.

58 days