So What is this MCT oil, and Why am I putting it in my Coffee?

Don’t you hate it when someone calls you to ask you about something you know a good deal about, and for whatever reason you draw a complete blank? Yep. While I did a good deal of research into MCT oil and its benefits, back when I was researching a good carrier oil for CBD, when…

62 Days and Counting

So, its been 62 days since I entered into Ketogenesis. I am still losing weight. I still feel full of energy; my mood is overall lifted and I have not dealt with any inflammation in my hands, knees or anywhere really. Whereas prior to going keto I felt like a big horrible unhealthy inflamed mess….

Wait, Fingernails?!

Its always fantastic when you notice additional benefits to a lifestyle change that you did not expect. Never in my life have I had long nails, unless they were glued on at a local salon. I was always a nail biter growing up, and when I wasn’t anymore, my nails were still brittle and thin….