Am I the only one who had never heard of an #olive spoon?

Am I the only person on the planet that had no idea there was such a thing as an olive spoon? There must be other olive lovers who want to do a drive by snagging of a single olive in the tall narrow olive jar in your fridge and either get soaking wet  freezing cold…

So What is this MCT oil, and Why am I putting it in my Coffee?

Don’t you hate it when someone calls you to ask you about something you know a good deal about, and for whatever reason you draw a complete blank? Yep. While I did a good deal of research into MCT oil and its benefits, back when I was researching a good carrier oil for CBD, when…

62 Days and Counting

So, its been 62 days since I entered into Ketogenesis. I am still losing weight. I still feel full of energy; my mood is overall lifted and I have not dealt with any inflammation in my hands, knees or anywhere really. Whereas prior to going keto I felt like a big horrible unhealthy inflamed mess….

Wait, Fingernails?!

Its always fantastic when you notice additional benefits to a lifestyle change that you did not expect. Never in my life have I had long nails, unless they were glued on at a local salon. I was always a nail biter growing up, and when I wasn’t anymore, my nails were still brittle and thin….

The Naked Truth

A friend once told me “This isn’t a practice life.” Those words have been repeated background noise in my life through various trials and tribulations since they were typed to me via LiveJournal decades ago. They became my motivator on the day I realized that if I did not make some serious changes to the…