Fudge Fat Bomb

2 oz  Cocoa Butter 2 Tbs unsweetened cocoa powder 2 Tbs Swerve ¼ cup  Heavy cream Strawberry slice or blueberry Low Carb Nut of Choice (I used almonds, but not many) Melt the cocoa butter, cocoa powder and swerve in a double  boiler.  Add Serve and heavy cream.  Stir.  Still heating over double boiler.  Add nuts. Stir….

Keto Tiny Cake

Wanna know how to make a single serving Keto Chocolate cake with very little effort? Well, Here’s what you need: (all of these are Keto staples so if you are cooking keto, or going to start, its a good idea to have these on hand anyway.) Nutritional value will vary by the products you purchase…