Keto Tiny Cake


Wanna know how to make a single serving Keto Chocolate cake with very little effort? Well, Here’s what you need:

(all of these are Keto staples so if you are cooking keto, or going to start, its a good idea to have these on hand anyway.)

Nutritional value will vary by the products you purchase and use, but an estimate of this one is:

  • Fats ~37
  • Protein ~12
  • Carbs ~13
  • Fiber ~7
  • Net Carbs ~6

***VARIATION  (replace cocoa powder with 1/2 to 1 tsp of lemon extract for a lemon version. YUM!***

2 tablespoons of grass fed butter (I use Kerrygold)
1 1/2 tablespoons of Swerve (Or you can use Stevia/Truvia but they do not cook as well as Swerve)
2 tablespoons of almond flour (I use Bob’s Red Mill Almond Meal/Flour)
2 teaspoons of coconut flour (Bob’s Red Mill Organic Coconut Flour)
2 tablespoons of Ghirardelli Chocolate Unsweetened Cocoa
1/4 teaspoon of Vanilla Extract
1/2 teaspoon of Baking Powder
1 egg
Small dish/Porcelain Ramekin or coffee mug
making cake
Heavy Whipping Cream
Swerve Sweetener, Confectioners
Optional -Berries (I prefer blueberries, but strawberries would work too)
vanilla extract

1. Melt butter in dish (microwave… maybe 25-35 seconds?)
2. add swerve (or other sweeter ) to butter. Mix well.
3. Add the rest of the ingredients, mix well.
4. Put in Microwave for approx 75 seconds.

NO real measurement here, just know that cream whipped approximately doubles in volume.

pour (1 cup?) of heavy whipping cream into a bowl
add a 1-2 tablespoons of swerve confectioners or other sweetener
add a dash of vanilla extract
if you have an immersion blender- start blending and berries to blend with cream.
If you dont, either hand whip the cream with a whisk, or use a hand mixer. blend until it is the consistency you want. The longer you blend the thicker it will get. (also might want to hold off on the berries if you are using a whisk or hand mixer, it wont blend with the cream that way.

take cake from microwave, top with the cream and add a few berries on top!


You can play around with the topping- add cinnamon, use different extract flavors etc.