Swapping my Butter for Ghee in my Coffee.

Ok, like many people I know, I started keto with just a few basics and over the last couple of months I have focused on things one at a time until they were, in my opinion, perfected.
I thought I did that with my fat-coffee. I started with regular brew, and then moved into a bolder brew to blend well with the flavors I added. I started with store brand MCT and then converted to Radha MCT Oil,which I like better than what I had, but I am still investigating the best brand and how it best helps the brain and body. Each brand has a different ratio of Medium Chain Triglycerides and each serves your health in different ways so stay tuned.

BUT I DID make a new amazing find.

Himalayan Pink Salt Grass-Fed Ghee

While I still love my KerryGold Grass fed butter, I have read about and decided to try Ghee. This is actually caramelized clarified butter, which removes the milk solids and any other impurities from the butter. What we are left with has very little dairy protein, (dairy can sometimes stall keto weight loss). I found this from Dr. Axe about the benefits of Ghee over Butter. check it out.

Having said that, since the entire point of this diet, for me is to find out what works best for my health and my weight loss, and implement it into my diet- I bought some and added it to my coffee and it tastes wonderful. It almost has a toffee-like flavor and when blended into my coffee it isn’t thick, chunky and frothy like butter. I am totally digging it and happy with this “upgrade” to my morning routine.

Bonus, it has a higher smoke point for cooking. šŸ™‚

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