Fully Loaded Radishes


Cut them in halves or quarters (depending on size) and cooked them in a frying pan with bacon grease. Added garlic powder, onion powder, a tablespoon of grass fed butter, Himalayan salt and fresh ground pepper.

Cooked on Med. for about 10 minutes. stirring occasionally. They were starting to brown. I lowered the temp to low-med and let them cook for about 20 more minutes, stirring as needed to prevent burning/sticking.

When they were done, I added sour cream, cheese, butter, salt, pepper and bacon.

Tasted just like red potatoes. Yum.

1 medium radish (1 inch in diameter) 0.1 gram net carbs, .1 gram fiber, 7 calories  Ingredients you use to top them may vary in carb count.
fully loaded radishes