In a Hurry?


Sometimes, people cheat on their diets not out of weakness but more out of necessity. In my opinion,there is no sense in pulling yourself out of ketosis simply because something came up and you didn’t have time to meal prep.

Or maybe, you just don’t feel like cooking. I fit into a little bit of both of these categories today. Where when I ate carbs unconditionally, I rarely- if ever- ate fast food, now? It is an occasional indulgence.

I still try to keep it to a minimum, as one of the biggest benefits to cooking keto is the amount of natural ingredients you are ingesting cooking most things from scratch. But sometimes, like days like today, when I have papers due, business plans to assess and my allergies are kicking in hard with a pollen count at a high 9.9 out of 12, I am putting off cooking.

Sorry, as much as I wanted to create and review a new recipe, at least for right now, that isn’t happening.

SO without further ado, I introduce you to my fast food low carb maybe-keto lunch-dinner-thing.

McDonals Double Quarter Pounder with Cheese, Lettuce,and pickles. Hold the sesame seed bun, hold the ketchup. (I totally forgot to add mayo, which is a great addition to this meal to increase fats)

and an un-sweet iced tea.

Time to get to writing the papers…